Pre-Kindergarten Rooms


Classroom Information

Welcome to the Pre-Kindergarten program at Lil’ Explorers Child Care Center. We strive to create an environment that encourages learning and exploration. Making the year before your child starts Kindergarten a year to grow. The Pre-Kindergarten children (4 and 5-year-olds) take full advantage of the variety of material available to them. The classroom is divided into activity centers where the materials are ever-changing in each activity center to generate continuing interest. We love offering children a great classroom environment to learn, grow, and explore.

The curriculum is designed for the mastery of skills related to language, math, art, science, and social studies. We structure our curriculum and daily lessons around the skills necessary to be successful in Kindergarten.  Some of the curriculum goals for each subject include:


  • Strong phonological awareness through lessons on rhyme, alliteration, and syllables
  • Mastery of the various sounds used for reading (the 44 phonemes) by teaching letter blending patterns, and word/sound manipulation to build phonemic awareness
  • The ability to sound out unfamiliar words, identifying simple sight words, and understanding the connection between letters and sounds
  • Reading for fluency and comprehension
  • Beginning to understand basic grammar skills, like capital letters and simple punctuation
  • Understanding the parts of a story: characters, setting, plot (problem & solution)
  • Handwriting skills: correct pencil grip, writing left to right, and letter placement (writing on the lines)
  • Ability to write all letters, numbers to 20, first name, and last name


  • Identify numerals from 0-20, and representations of numerals through objects, tally marks, etc.
  • Count forwards and backwards to 20, verbally or using objects
  • Simple addition (sums less than 10) and subtraction (minuends less than 10)
  • Ability to place numbers in numerical order from 0-20
  • Recognize, complete, and create simple patterns
  • Identify basic 2-dimensional shapes
  • Ability to create simple graphs, and use graphs to answer questions about information represented


  • Learn how to observe and describe the natural world
  • Discuss and recognize structures that are man-made vs. naturally occurring
  • Participate in activities that compare living vs. non-living things, and recognize the basic needs of living organisms (air, water, sunlight, food)
  • Learn about natural systems (ex: wetlands, prairies, forests)
  • Participate in experiments that demonstrate natural phenomena or chemical/physical reactions
  • Use simple engineering skills to solve problems and complete tasks


  • Discuss civic values, such as fairness, self-control, responsibility, honesty, and respect
  • Use maps to understand location; such as globes, street maps, or simple pictures
  • Understand and discuss characteristics of places and structures
  • Introduction to various traditions related to families, countries, and holidays


  • Mastery of art skills: cutting, gluing, coloring, painting, etc.
  • Participate in varied processes and use of different mediums for creating art



Every Pre-K classroom follows a similar schedule that includes a large portion of the day devoted to language (reading & writing), math, art, science, and social studies.  Classes like music, CATCH, and LANA are available throughout the week.  Here is what a typical day in a Lil’ Explorers Pre-K classroom looks like.

Pre-K Classroom Schedule

6:30      Arrive – Books & Fine Motor Activities

7:00      Free Choice Centers

7:45      Storytime – Wash for Breakfast

8:00      Breakfast

8:30      Handwriting

8:45      Group Time

9:00      Language & Math Groups

10:30     Art

11:00     Lunch

11:30     Music (M,W,F) -or-LANA (T) -or- Spanish (TH)

11:45     CATCH & Outside Gross Motor Play

12:20     Storytime – Bathroom

12:30     Rest Time – Quiet Activities

2:45      Wake Up – Stories, Wash for Snack

3:00      Snack

3:30      Science (M,W,F) -or- Social Studies (T,TH)

4:00      Outside Gross Motor Play

4:45      Blocks, Dramatic Play, & Sensory Center

5:30      Gross Motor Room -or- Free Choice Centers

6:00      Home


Daily schedules vary from center-to-center and are available for viewing outside of each classroom.